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Standard Sizes Price Keego Hardware Price Pontiac Steel
Stringer Collar Length 12" 12"
Small Pipe  Schedule 40 Slip Board Top Plate 1/4" x 4" x 8" $2.39 $1.62
Large Pipe  Schedule 40, 2" ID, 2 3/8" OD $3.25 $3.33
Ears   1/2" rod x 9"
Stanchion Collar Length  24" (shorter if in very shallow water)
Slip Board Top Plate 1/4" x 4" x 8"

Saw for Cutting Dock sections   
Mark Watley
Andre Dubel
Drill Press for Adjusting Stanchion Height
Rick Bukowsky (Stolen from Garage)
Joel Thurtell
Jim Bowers - Dock Layout
Pontiac Steel Company
470 University Drive
Pontiac, MI 48342
(248) 858-2350
hours: 8-4 (lunch 11:30 – 12:30), Th Open til 7pm
fax: 248-858-7020
Locations of special items
Sign  W8
Swim Ladder W10
Life Rings G5, B5
Ladder  B2
Tie-wrap small dock section to prevent tipping.
Storage locations of Stanchions
Silver - around octagonal play structure
White – Around Seawall
Rest around sandbox
Spacing for Slip boars
Starting from the north to the center of the slip board stack
Document Brace connect
 Have photo somewhere
Document building stanchions
 Angle ears out
 Hose clamp
Bend tight ears
Document attaching braces
 Need ratchet for NE end
Slip-board Unbolting
Slip board unbolting can begin anytime after the hoists are removed.  Removing the bolts prior to dock out day speeds up dock out and makes more efficient use of the crowd at dock out.  This is a good alternate work assignment.  It can be done on the person’s own schedule anytime from Sunday afternoon of Hoist out and before Dock out.
Most bolts should work with a ½” wrench.  There may be some that require a 9/16” wrench.  There are several ½” wrenches at the club.  A ratchet will help, but not necessary.  It is a good idea to tie two wrenches together with a string incase one gets dropped.
This can be done by crawling out onto the board.  Be careful not to fall into the water, especially, after the bolts are removed.  An alternative is to use the rowboat.  Kneepads are helpful.
Do not remove bolts from slip board around old blue.  If there is another person there you can also remove the sun deck and set it on the dock.  Keep screws for the sun deck together, there should be a Ziploc bag in the garage for them.  Do not remove the bolts from the slip boards around the sun deck until it has been removed.

1) Remove bolts from connection at stanchions.  Depending on timing, leave one bolt in outer stanchion but loose.  If only a couple days from dock out and weather forecast (wind) is mild then remove all 4 bolts.  Please try to keep sets of bolts together and place in can that can be found in the garage.  Claw hammer may be helpful in removing stubborn bolts.
2) Loosen Bolts at dock connection so metal brace on bottom can be swung out.  Do not remove these bolts.



3) Leave slip board in place.  There will be lots of muscle at dock out to move them.



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