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We have a new, easy to use, anchoring system to set race marks.  It consists of a orange plastic electric cord real with cleat, 100 feet of anchor line with a carabiner for easy attachment to anchor chains, and a 6 foot line, with weight attached,  to connect the real to the base of the buoy.


The procedure is:


1.    Attach end of anchor line to anchor chain securely with carabiner.

2.    Drop anchor and chain over the side and allow the anchor line to run off the real by holding the black grip located on the inside of the real.  Be sure to detach the 6 foot line with weight from the real to make it easier.

3.    Once anchor touches the bottom secure the line to the cleat on the outside of the real.

4.    Next, run the 6 foot line through the center of the real and through the 3 metal rings on the bottom of the buoy.  If there is any slack in the 6 foot line, run additional loops through the real so that the real is secure against the bottom of the buoy.

5.    Make sure the 5 pound weight is close to the real so that it will keep the real submerged under the buoy and the anchor line will not catch on passing boats.

6.    To remove, pull mark into boat and detach the 6 foot line from the real.  Pull anchor line into boat, uncleat the line and wind up on real with side handle.

7.    Secure reals out of the sun if possible.  It is probably better to detach the anchor chains to store the equipment.

8.    Please check for line wear when securing for the day.

9.    Problems with system, contact boat committee.


Any ideas for improvements?


Gary Reinheimer


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