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Written by Gary Reinheimer & Hank Callahan   
Gary Reinheimer & Hank Callahan 2009

1. Turn off the water supply to the clubhouse by removing the cover on the well pit located at the west end of the clubhouse, upper level, on the ground in front of the telephone and electrical boxes. Climb down the ladder and turn the red handle so that it is perpendicular to the pipe. This is the water shut off valve.

2. While still in the pit turn the blue handle so that it is in-line with the pipe (open position). This will drain some of the water out of the system. Leave this valve in the open position. (See figure # 1 for the well pit) When done exit well and replace cover on well pit.

3. Go into the ladies locker room and on the wall to the left of the sinks is the water meter. Re-move the thumb screws and remove the top and front panel from the unit. (Fig #2)
4. There are two blue spigot handles on either side of the meter. The left handle connects the meter to the building and the right connects the meter to the outside. Close both valves handles. Pry off black plastic cover over meter wires and unscrew and disconnect wires from meter. Tighten screws after disconnecting wires. From left to right Red – Green – Black. (See meter fig #3)

5. Remove bolts, 2 on each side, which connect the meter to the 2 pipes 15/16 inch open end wrench. (fig 3 yellow arrows)

6. Gently remove the meter from its connections and dump out water in meter. Store meter in safe place. Hank usually takes it home for the winter. Fig #4

7. Open left and right blue valves and allow water to drain into trough under unit. This trough connects to the sink drain.

8. Secure Hanks special air flush valve (see fig 5) to the pipe opening using 4 C-clamps. This allows you to connect an air compressor to the water system to blow all the water out of the house lines.

9. Connect air compressor to valve assembly and run compressor at about 30 lbs. (figs 6 & 7)

10. Next walk around club and open each spigot 1 at a time to allow the water to run out. When you get nothing but air you are good. It often takes several circuits around the building to get all the water out of the system. Double check all sinks in both locker rooms and kitchen.

11. There are 2 hose lines on the outside of the building, one on south side and one on east side which need to be drained. Disconnect the hose running to the drinking fountain located in the closet off the kitchen to empty it of water. There are 2 sets of spigots in the kitchen closet. One set is on the wall opposite the door and another set is located between the shelves on your right as you enter the closet. There is no sink under this set and you will need to drain the water into a cup.
12. There are 2 water heaters that must be drained. The first is in the closet off the kitchen. First open the fuse box over the water heated and pull the fuse out and lay it on top of the fuse box. Then connect the hose to the spigot at the base (fig 8) of the water heater and put the other end in the floor drain near the heater. Open the drain valve and allow the tank to drain com-pletely. Repeat this procedure for the second water heater located in the storage closet near the TV set.

13. Toilet care. Turn off water to toilets and flush. Dry out the water reservoirs and tape the floats in the up (or closed position) See toilet tank picture, (fig 9). Remove as much water from the bowels and add some potable antifreeze ( pink stuff in garage) to each bowl.

14. Urinals ( Men’s room only), remove caps on flush valve assemblies, remove vales and fill with antifreeze. Replace vales and cap. Need very large crescent wrench or channel lock pli-ers. Put some pink stuff in urinal bowels

15. Fill all floor drains, there are many so look carefully, and sink drains with ½ cup of anti-freeze. May want to put some antifreeze in the tubing for the shower heads and faucets in kitchen.

16. Drain water from refrigerator and disconnect refrigerator water line, allow excess water to drain, shut off for water line located in ceiling over refrigerator.

17. Make sure there is no water in any of the lines one last time before closing up. Run the compressor until all lines are clear. Disconnect compressor and remove air flush valve and clamps.

18. Leave both spigot handles on water meter assembly open and put cover back on water meter compartment

19. Put signs on all doors indicating “ NO WATER”

20. Turn off all lights and make sure all outside doors are locked and screen doors secured.

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