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Written by Joyce von Drehle   
In general the Chair supervises the grounds of the club and the groundskeeper, reporting to the Board liaison (Cathy Burns).
1. Secure gardeners for the upper garden and the lower garden by the bar-b-que. For now Joan and Bill Green are in charge of these two gardens and have been for several years. They may consult the Grounds Chair about plantings, but probably not.
2. In December/January renew contract with groundskeeper. (see attached contract). This is the same contract we’ve had since Stu started. I just change the dates. He’s making good money, $20 p.h.) but last year he was awarded a $500 bonus which made him very happy and indicated how happy we are with him. Stu and I have had a good relationship since I hired him and we will continue as such. He should have contact information for the Grounds Chair and should feel free to work through him/her.
3. List any needed jobs for the spring and fall work parties and delegate them at the work parties. Can just be listed and then posted on kitchen window for work parties. See attached example.
4. In April three weeks before the work party, contract with Veolia for a 4 yd dumpster to be delivered. Their number is 888-443-1717 and our account number is 12873. They will fax/send a contract to be signed by the chair. In October arrange for the dumpster to be picked up. (see attached contract)
5. In October arrange with Veolia for a 30 yd dumpster to be delivered before the work party and picked up after the work party (see attached contract)
6. Arrange for dirt and/or sand to be delivered when necessary. One school of thought is not to bother with the sand because it all washes out. I’ve had it delivered every three years to the beach and Stu spreads it.(see Resource list)
7. Secure volunteers for any ancillary grounds jobs, i.e. wall by bar-b-que. This is best done by personal approach.
8. In general check over the grounds periodically and, if anything needs doing, talk to Stu and or Cathy Burns about it.
a.    Hoffman’s Nursery, 248-363-0340

            $19 yd + $35 delivery fee. Screened and peat mixed in

b.    Crown Gravel, 248-363-7722. $20.67 with peat

c.    DZI Maintenance, 248-618-7100 (Ed Dziuba’s son) 3 yds for $80. 

        He also will take away piles of leaves/branches, etc.
Parking lot bumpers
NuCast, 313-532-46120. $31.56 each installed + $22 delivery fee
Veolia, 1-888-443-1717
PYC account #:12873
Tree removal (? Trim)
Sherman Beeler, 248-736-7408 (did ash trees)
The Tree Company, 248-889-0362 (Tom Crosby)
Crown Sand & Gravel 248-363-7722
6991 Cooley Lake Rd.
West Bloomfield, MI 48324
 5 yds beach (not fine) sand for $113.42 delivered
6 yds “ “ $123.26
Tree replacement
Greg Nelson
Village of Orchard Lake arborist
Trailer Park – Jennie Reece, 248-681-6798 FAX 248-681-6803
Keego Harbor MHC
3170 Orchard Lake Rd., Lot 8
Keego Harbor, MI 48320


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