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Pontiac Yacht Club is very active during the spring, summer and fall months. This section of the website contains all the latest news from around the club.


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Thank You! (from Gary) Print E-mail
Written by Gary Reinheimer   

Arlene and I wanted to say thank you to our PYC family for the parting gifts presented to us at the Annual Banquet in November. To our surprise and delight Arlene received a coupon for a day-at-the-spa and I was presented with an electronic photo display which contained pictures taken during my years as commodore. Both gifts were greatly appreciated.


Article from the Macomb Daily Print E-mail
Written by Andy   

I grew up in Oakland County.

I lived in Commerce Township and from my house, I could skip a stone to a handful of lakes, none of which were more than 15 minutes away. The summer dress code never swayed too far from swim trunks, T-shirts and sandals.

We swam. We fished. We went water skiing.

We got spoiled.

John Mathers was spoiled, too.

"I'm 47 years old, and I've been a member for 46 years," said Mathers, laughing. "My dad joined the Pontiac Yacht Club when I was one, so I basically grew up there."

The Pontiac Yacht Club has been around since 1934. It's a family club situated on Cass Lake. There are more than 100 members and many of them are involved in sailing whether it's for racing or pleasure.

Article from The Oakland Press Print E-mail
Written by Andy   

Reprinted from The Oakland Press - Sunday June 28th 2009.


In 1934, a group of 22 sailors broke away from the Oakland County Boat Club, where most members operated motor boats, and set up their own group — the Pontiac Yacht Club for Sailing Craft Exclusively.

Now called the Pontiac Yacht Club, the sailors are getting ready to celebrate their 75th anniversary on Saturday, July 4, with a party.

Based on the shores of Cass Lake, the group, which has 150 families enrolled, relies on volunteers to keep up the docks, grounds and boat house. Races take place on Cass Lake.

Members come from all around Oakland County.

Rick Dishaw of Orion Township enrolled his two sons in the club’s Junior Sailing instruction class last summer.  “That’s how I found the club, and then over the winter I decided, already being a sailor, that I need to do this on a regular basis and decided to join,” Dishaw said. “I started crewing with a boat skippered by Mike Hecker for the regular Wednesday night and Sunday morning races, which is turning out to be great fun.

2017 Pontiac Yacht Club Board of Directors  Print E-mail
Written by Matt Warner   
PYC Board Of Director Officiers
Commodore: Geoff Nelson
Vice Commodore:    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Rear Commodore:  Karl Aavik
Past Commodore: Chris Longe
Secretary: C. Burns
Treasurer: S. Korn

Committee Chairs
Harbor Master: Mike Hecker
Fleet Captain:
Entertainment Chair
Grounds Chair: Joan Green
House Chair: 
Dock Chair: Andy Monique
Club Boats Chair: Gary Reinheimer
Alternate Work Assignments: 
Junior Sailing: Charlie Hess, Eric Ellison
Adult Sailing: Matt Warner
Web Master: Matt Warner
Pot Luck Check List Print E-mail
Written by Andy   
Pot Luck Check-off List     Party starts @ Noon – Eat @ 1:00!!!

o Month Before:
o Make up a flier, one for the Tell Tales, one for the Club House, or have Social Chairman do that!
o Arrange a small clean-up team to: put tables away, mop floors, wash coffee pot/roaster, and to take down decorations after the party.
o Week of Party
BUY or Check for stuff already at the club:
A roll of plastic Table clothes
50 Hot Dogs and Buns
Large (12 Qt. worth) of powdered Lemonade / Kool Aid
Coffee / Coffee cups / Napkins / Cream and Sugar
Dessert-size Paper Plates
Mustard/ Ketchup/ Relish
Festive Decorations
You may want to make up small signs to place on the serving tables (examples:  CHICKEN  MEAT  SALADS  DESSERTS VEGGIES ) so people can put their food on the tables without asking.
That morning: BUY 5 # of ice for water/lemonade
o That morning
o Get to the club by 12:00 to plug in the coffee maker – it takes one hour for the big maker to brew. Set up the coffee (and small coffee maker with plain Hot Water …for tea) on the kitchen pass-thru.
o Make up Lemonade and water Jugs.  Jugs can be found in storage room in the kitchen, along with the coffee makers) Add the purchased ice to jugs!
o Set up tables.  Tables are found in the closet on the wall, nearest the woman locker room in main room. In 2011, we had
o the round table outside between screen doors for Jugs of Water & Lemonade
o 1 table along wall of the storage room, for the hotdog roaster / buns (because there’s an outlet on that wall).
o 3 long tables running parallel to lakeside
o At least 3 “card tables” near the fireplace for desserts.
o Lock screen doors – have people enter only thru kitchen door to drop off food.
o Put on the table cloths … plastic hooks to keep table cloths in place can be found in 3rd-4th drawer under the telephone.
o Put small dessert plates on dessert tables.
o Set up Hot dog Roaster with water; start them cooking!
o Set out buns and condiments.
o Make sure there are garbage cans available outside.
o Get out serving utensils because everyone always forgets their own!!
o Open the screen doors @ 1:00 sharp,…
o Have families with small children start the food line!
Next Year Suggestions: 8/19/2011
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