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Written by Commodore Dick Beaubien   

Pontiac Yacht Club is a special place. It is a wonderful place to sail and relax. It is the home waters for the largest Lightning Class fleet in the world, a robust junior sailing program and the Detroit Country Day varsity sailing team. The sailing competition is vigorous, intense, and important. Our members have sailed in North American Championship Regattas, and are active participants in the Michigan District Regattas. The Michigan District Commodore and Treasurer are PYC members. The competitors you sail against become your friends. The dues are reasonable because so much of the work is done by volunteers. It has a sandy beach and facilities for children to play. Here kids can swim, swing, slide, and play in the sand. In a summer day at PYC, the hours melt away. Pontiac Yacht Club has been an important part of my life. This is where I learned how to sail. This is where I sailed with my father, my sister, my wife, my two sons, my daughter, and even some of my grandchildren. It’s a family thing. Because PYC is a special place and because it is an important part of my life, I was persuaded to attempt the Commodore role one more time. I was Commodore in 1988. It was a different time, a different era, a different decade, a different century, a different millennium. I would qualify as an “old salt”. But we sail on fresh water, so only the “old” part applies. Along the way I have learned some things, some of which can be useful to a PYC Commodore. As evidenced by some of my race results from 2014, I still have some things to learn about sailing. A past Commodore once told me that it is easy to be Commodore because the club “runs itself”. That is not quite true, but there are many members who step up year after year to do the things that need to be done. During 2015 look for opportunities to make PYC even a better place. We plan some physical improvements to PYC in 2015. One of these is a new seawall. The old one has some significant holes that allow land to wash into the lake. The construction of this improvement will likely be in the early fall. Improvements to the floors and the sink areas of the locker rooms will also take place. The lobster boil dinner was such a success in 2014, it is scheduled for a repeat appearance on July 25.

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