About the Pontiac Yacht Club

Since 1934


The Pontiac Yacht Club is a social volunteer club which means that we all make ourselves available for certain tasks to keep the docks, ground, house and other fucntions running.  This keep membersip dues low and also enhances the feeling of ownership that members feel.  Regular activies at PYC include:

  • Sailing for pleasure at the weekends.
  • Sailing competitively in the Lightning class sailboats (where crew -      experience or inexperienced - are always welcome).
  • Sailing single-hander boats such as the Laser, Sunfish, Opti and
    Windsurf either for pleasure (anytime) or racing on Monday evenings.
  • Taking part in Adult sailing lessons.
  • Taking your children to the extremely active Junior Sailing lessons, social events and regattas.
  • Socialising in the various potlucks and opendays we have during the year.
    Or just hanging out with friends, enjoying the lake-side view and having a BBQ.


Today, the fine facilities, excellent racing program, and frequent club social activities combine to offer a wholesome family experience. The beautiful shady swimming area is free from motor boats, and has shallow clear water suitable for small children and non-swimmers. There is also a designated deep water area for more experienced swimmers.


Our shaded grounds have many picnic tables, lawn chairs, and grills to make club picnics a enjoyable experience. There is also a large kitchen for preparation. And the large sandbox, swings, and climbing equipment make children feel welcome at the club.



If you are interested in joining the club, please learn more on our Membership Page


2021 Board of Directors

Greg Harris Commodore
Glen Gardner Vice Commodore
Caleb Mathers Rear Commodore
Ray Peters Past Commodore
Secretary C. Warner
Treasurer S. Korn