Pontiac Yacht Club 

Adult Sailing Instruction Program

Learn to sail on 19 ft. Lightning boats with experienced instructors on the waters of Cass Lake, Thursday evenings June 11th through August 6th, 6 pm - Dusk.


Each evening there will be a ground school with topics planned to move progressively from assuming absolutely nothing about students, to a point where students feel confident sailing small boats.


The Pontiac Yacht Club is convenient to the western suburbs of Metro Detroit and provides an attractive and safe environment for learning to sail.  If you are coming from work, you may change clothes in our locker rooms and put your sandwich in our fridge or eat during the ground school.


Each student must bring and wear a coast guard approved personal flotation device (life jacket) and sign the Liability Waiver below.  For comfort, bring foul weather gear. We do not sail in storms but can occasionally find ourselves out in the rain. Sunglasses, sun screen, a water bottle, and comfortable clothing are recommended. We do not recommend wearing flip fops and they are not allowed.


P.Y.C. is located on Ward’s Point Drive at the intersection of it and Orchard Lake Road.  Heading north on Orchard Lake Road, Ward’s Point is about 1/2 mile north of Commerce Road and the tri-city fire department.  Heading west (south) on Orchard Lake Road, Ward’s Point is about ¼ mile west of Cass Lake Road.


Enrollment is limited to 12 students so please ensure there are openings before registering.

For More Information about enrollment or general information

Contact Steve at 248- 459-7088 or Email:


Sign-up forms here at this link: SignupForms